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The eTEFL Online Self-Study Mentorship Course

Hello and welcome back to part 6 of my blog series! My name is Thapelo Ntlhabo and I am from South Africa. I am in the process of building my TEFL career and I have been offered a temporary TEFL-related gig by which I would like to share with you. My assignment is to test drive their self-study Mentorship Program and then write (or report back) about it here in this space.

You can read Part 5 of my series here

SESSION 4 – Freelance Platforms (Continued)

The 3rd video in this session, in summary, is really about getting to know the student better, and what you will do for them ‘should they decide to take lessons with you (our instructor’s often repeated phrase during the video).

In addition to starter questions like asking the student how they pronounce their name (previous post), one would go on to ask more detailed questions.

For example:
a) How does the student rate themselves on the four areas of learning English – reading, listening, writing, and speaking?

As the student gives their answers, you note them down. Later you will give the student your own assessment of their strengths in those areas, making sure to give them higher ratings to their own as a way to encourage them.

Today’s post wraps up my review of Session 4. In the next post, I will move on to Session 5, the penultimate session of this mentorship course.

Job-search-wise, the rejections continue to fall down on me – 😂, so to speak. The latest one was from Eigox – see our cover pic 3. This was my second application to the company after I had revamped my Intro Video.

This rejection was hard to take, I must admit. Because with the re-done Intro Video, I had expected a more positive response.

But I shall continue to submit those job applications, the rejections notwithstanding.

The Self-Study Mentorship Program is included in all Standard Programs including the Standard Online Teacher Training Program for people who are just starting out and the Standard Mentorship Bundle for people who already have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate but need help in launching their online teaching careers.

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