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The eTEFL Online Self-Study Mentorship Course

Hello and welcome back to part 4 of my blog series! My name is Thapelo Ntlhabo and I am from South Africa. I am in the process of building my TEFL career and I have been offered a temporary TEFL-related gig by which I would like to share with you. My assignment is to test drive their self-study Mentorship Program and then write (or report back) about it here in this space.

You can read Part 4 of my series here

SESSION 3 – Interview Preparation (continued)

I was all dressed up…but in the end, I had nowhere to go – 😁.

The job interview at iTutorGroup, which was scheduled for yesterday, never took place. iTutorGroup stood me up – 😂. After booking the interview this past Monday, my emails to them for more details and confirmation of the interview went unanswered. After all that preparation (video watching, etc), there is no need to say how disappointed I am. This no-show by iTutorGroup I will now consider as my first rejection. We were warned, though, in Session 1 of this Course. Our ‘whys’ of wanting to teach English online that we were instructed to write down were meant to prepare us for such moments. Now I will pick myself up – 😁, and simply move on to the next company on our list.  As my motivation to carry on, there is an interesting statistic from our Session 1. Our course instructor said that he was rejected 30 times before one company finally gave him a job. And he is a native English speaker!

So I continued to submit applications to the following online schools:

1. iTutorGroup = ✅

2. TutorABC = ❎

3. Eigox = ✅

4. Cambly = ✅

5. Education First = ✅

6. Palfish = ❎

Today I am wrapping up Session 3 of the course.

I applied at iTutorGroup, Eigox, Cambly, and Education First. And the two X’s?

Well, TutorABC and iTutorGroup are apparently owned by the same company (Ping An Insurance Group). So I decided to spare myself more heartache (😁) by not applying at TutorABC altogether.

As for Palfish, I decided to skip them because one can only teach there using a smartphone or tablet. My smartphone is not in a good condition right now. And there is no way I am going to go out and buy a tablet when I have just bought a laptop.

In the next post, I will be writing about Session 4 of the course.

The Self-Study Mentorship Program is included in all Standard Programs including the Standard Online Teacher Training Program for people who are just starting out and the Standard Mentorship Bundle for people who already have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate but need help in launching their online teaching careers.

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