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The eTEFL Online Self-Study Mentorship Course

Hello! My name is Thapelo Ntlhabo and I am from South Africa. I am in the process of building my TEFL career and I have been offered a temporary TEFL-related gig by which I would like to share with you. My assignment is to test drive their self-study Mentorship Program and then write (or report back) about it here in this space.

My brief, as the founder and CEO of eTEFL Online Teacher Training Jody van der Westhuizen, has put in his email is:

“In your case, we would like you to use your posts to update everyone on your progress through the course. Could you dedicate 4 days in a month to doing it?
I look forward to hearing from you.”

In practice, it is possible that I could actually have a TEFL job by the end of this one-month assignment period. Because this eTEFL Online Teacher Training Mentorship program is designed to help those going through the program get TEFL jobs and freelance students.

I am so excited so let’s begin!

WEEK 1 – Session 1

This is a self-study online mentorship course. That is as opposed to their Live Mentorship Program which is conducted via Zoom. If you are based in South Africa, like I am, then you can learn more about this program by contacting eTEFL’s South African partners – The OVC here

If you are based anywhere else in the world, you can find out more about this program on the eTEFL website here

Who is this course for?

The course is ideal for recently qualified TEFL teachers who are looking for a TEFL job, like yours truly.

As mentioned, I am going through the course and writing/reporting about the steps as I am being instructed to carry them out.

Session 1

This week I completed Session 1 (out of 5) of the course. This session deals with our motivation for wanting to teach English online.

The ‘why’, is important because it will help you to persevere when, and not if, the job application rejections come. It is quite typical to receive multiple rejections but it’s important to push through and remain motivated.

To fish out the ‘why’, so to speak, one had to answer several questions. I will list a few of them (and my answers) below.

Q: What made you decide to take up online tutoring?
A: a) I like the fact that it is a job I can do from home. And in most instances, one can set their own work hours.
b) The opportunity to get paid in US dollars. The US dollar is currently 1 x 16 to the Rand, my own country’s currency.

Q: What are your goals personally and financially?
A: a) I would like to be one of the best TEFL teachers around.
b) Financially, I would like to earn R100k per month from teaching English online.

Q: How do you expect this program to help you reach your goals?
A: a) Primarily, I hope it helps me get a TEFL job.
b) I also expect it to give me ideas and ways of becoming an independent TEFL teacher, who successfully runs his own teaching business.

And so that was how Session 1 went, ladies and gentlemen.

Next week I will report back on Session 2, which covers two crucial items – ‘Resume (CV) and Introduction Video’

The Self-Study Mentorship Program is included in all Standard Programs including the Standard Online Teacher Training Program for people who are just starting out and the Standard Mentorship Bundle for people who already have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate but need help in launching their online teaching careers.

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