Advanced Career Mentorship Program

This is our most complete program for newly qualified teachers who are looking for help in launching their online teacher careers. The Advanced TEFL Mentorship Program includes practical teacher training, career mentorship, interview coaching, specialist exam preparation courses, teaching resources, and lifetime support.

Practical Teacher Training

Our 30-hour Online Teaching Practicum will provide you with the opportunity to practice the theoretical teaching skills learned in your TEFL/TESOL course in a safe, supportive environment. After completing a self-study preparatory online course, you will teach 8 x 1-hour online lessons using Zoom through our partner school. You will receive full training in how to prepare for these lessons and a teacher trainer will observe all of your lessons to provide support during the lesson and feedback after.

Career Mentorship

After completing your TEFL or TESOL course, what do you do next? How do you use that certificate to earn a living teaching English online? These, and many other questions, are answered in our live, guided mentorship program.

During this 3-week/10-hour program, we will meet twice per week on Zoom in small groups where your mentor will work with you through a structured program to address every step of launching your new online teaching career. From resume and introduction video preparation to interview practice and private student conversion and retention, you will have all the tools and skills you need to succeed.

30-hour Specialist Exam Preparation Courses

You will also have access to one of our 30-hour Teach IELTS or TOEFL Exam Preparation courses. These exams are taken by millions ESL students every year for emigration, job application, or university entrance purposes. Specializing in IELTS or TOEFL will help you get more students and earn more per hour in the lucrative exam preparation niche market as a freelancer. These courses are designed as a resource for you to come back to again and again so you will have lifetime access and you will learn how these exams are structured, what is required of the test-taker in each part of the exam, how the exams are graded, and strategies on how best to prepare your students.

Teaching Resources

We also host an ever-growing resource library on our website where you can find 100s of done-for-you lesson plans on every topic for every level. These lesson plans are specific for online teaching and are 100% customizable. We also include free training videos on topics like using Zoom for teaching, Google Sheets, and other online tools commonly used by teachers. There are also links to other paid and free resources.

Lifetime Support

Where we really stand out from other teacher training organizations is our support structure. During this program, you will have access to your mentor and our support staff through a dedicated WhatsApp group between each session for the 3-week period. After the program, you will move to our main WhatsApp support group with 100s of our previous graduates, our course managers, your mentor, and recruiters. We regularly offer live training sessions on topics related to ESL teaching and host monthly live Q and A sessions where you can ask us or your fellow online teachers any questions you may have.


PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile Device
Internet Access
This program is for total beginners
No experience is necessary


Important Course Information

All lesson materials are provided for you as a digital download either through our course platform or emailed to you directly.

Before each Mentorship session, you will be emailed a set of action points that need to be completed before the following session. This helps you prepare properly and avoids wasting any time on the live Zoom meetings.

The practicum can be started as soon as enrollment is complete and you will have instant access to your course and materials. The first part is self-study so you can work at your own pace but the practical lessons are structured over 8 weeks where you will do 1 lesson per week. In total, you will have 6 months to complete the practicum.

The mentorship program starts the second week of every month. We usually have 2 groups running simultaneously each month with sessions in the afternoons and early evenings GMT time. Exact start dates and times will be discussed in the dedicated WhatsApp group prior to starting.